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Destination wedding in Pune

Pune is the second largest city of Maharashtra and also one of the most loved citied of India, Therefore planning your Destination wedding in Pune is definitely a brilliant idea. Pune is considered to be the cultural spirit of Maharashtra with rich heritage sites and culture sprawling all over

Best time to plan your destination wedding in Pune

The best time to throw a wedding in Pune is the months from October to February when the weather is calm and enjoyable. December is another festive month in which you can plan your destination wedding. If you plan your destination wedding with Nixtour then we will help you every sphere of wedding planning and with our best efforts and ideas, your dream wedding will come to life.

How To Reach pune?

  1. By Bus: Pune is well-connected with roads and metro line. …
  2. By Train: Pune is well-connected by rail as well. …
  3. By Flight: Pune Airport is located at the heart of the city. …
  4. By Cab/Car: Travelling to Pune by road is the best option for those travelling with family or kids.

Best wedding venues in Pune

Venues are one of the most important and most important decisions to be taken during a wedding event. How lavish the decor is or how amazing the designs are, it doesn't matter. If the basic venue isn't right, it won't be worth all of your designs and ideas. So here are some of Pune's best wedding venues to choose from.

  • Fort Jadhavgadh

    Royal Weddings are so prodigal at Fort JadhavGADH that it may even be mistaken for arrogance by some. But that's just the story on the surface, you'll drop in for it and all about it once you feel its moist hospitality. Fort JadhavGADH invites you to step into the palatial Luxurious Heritage Maratha Fort Hotel, which hosted Indian weddings for illustrious families whose tastes are no less than those of royalty with their glitz, opulence, and class inclination. Check out our list of royal themes and venues that guarantee a sumptuous setting for the fairytale, making a couple feel like a prince and princess.

  • Mantraa Banquet Hall, Kothrud

    A good place to host your wedding ceremony and reception. You can also customize the function of the wedding with your own DIY. The hall can accommodate 250-300 guests at one time and there are also facilities such as separate guest rooms and car parking. With their coordinated functionality, the built-in lighting attracts guests. Invite your family members to join in your happiness.

  • Lotus Banquet, Swargate

    Located in the center of Pune, the Lotus banquet is an ideal place with a great atmosphere and attractive interiors. A perfect place to host a comfortable budget for weddings, receptions and birthdays. The hall of the banquet has an eye-catching interior based on flooring & onyx in Italian style. It specializes in vegetarian catering, even arrangements for fireworks and DJ music are made by the management which eventually makes the celebration unforgettable.

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