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Nepal is a popular place to have a destination wedding abroad. It is a nearby location with no visa requirements or hassles and easy access to the site. Being in the lap of powerful Himalayas, Nepal is scenic and guests have plenty of opportunities for sightseeing. It's also very economical, it's not a problem having nice language and diet orientation, etc.

How to reach Nepal?

Nepalese capital Kathmandu has the only international airport in Nepal, so if you want to travel by air from India to Nepal, you’ll get there. Delhi’s most regular carrier, with airlines providing flights seven days a week throughout the day.
Traveling from India to Nepal by land is not very quick, but you can witness some scenery and adventure and if you are a nature-loving person, it is a treat for you. If you plan your destination wedding with Nixtour, then you can expect the best quotation.

Why Nepal?

Why is Nepal the most economical and beautiful place to Plan your destination wedding? well, the answer to this question is quite simple, The idea of planning a destination wedding is really catching these days. While countries such as Italy and Greece have served as timeless options, many couples are also setting an example for a truly exotic destination wedding in the savannas of Africa and royal forts of India. On the other hand, this phenomenon is relatively unfamiliar to Nepal. Traditionally known as a great destination for trekking and mountaineering, this locked-up little country has more to offer to visitors than just mountains.

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