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Jodhpur, fondly known as the ‘Blue City’ after the beautiful blue houses covering the land. The city is renowned for the royal Rahore background and elite Mahals and Kothis. In the past, Jodhpur had been a prominent part of Indian history with its rich, cultural heritage. But today, it is an equally important part of the country as it hosts one of the grandest destination weddings in India. in fact, many people from foreign places turn up to Jodhpur for a destination wedding abroad. I am sure we all remember the regal wedding of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. In the gorgeous, scintillating, magnificent vicinity of Taj Umaid Bhawan Mahal in Jodhpur, PriNick got married and set destination wedding in Jodhpur goals for all us. So, taking inspiration from our favorite couple, we decided to take a tour to Jodhpur and find out the best time and venues for a destination wedding in Jodhpur

How To Reach jodhpur?

Jodhpur is connected with all the major cities of India like Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Mumbai by road, railway, and air. Therefore, you can choose any of the available options to go to the city for your imperial wedding festivity.

Best wedding Time & Venues

Best Time

A destination wedding Jodhpur is a year-round option. However, for a pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable experience, you must pick a date from October to March as it is the best time to visit Jodhpur.

Best Venue

When it comes to venues, Jodhpur is blessed in abundance. There are numerous Palace-turned into-hotels to host your fabulous wedding. All the monuments have a great history behind them. They have architectural glory. You can select your desired destination wedding within your budget. You can pick up the luxurious Umaid Bhawan Palace with its timeless charm and beauty. You can also choose Indana Palace, Ajit Bhawan, or Hari Mahal to give a grand sense to your extravagant wedding.

You can plan your wedding with Nixtour and have all the splendid services at the lowest costs. If you want to go to a resort, you can choose Marugarh Palace, Samsara Resort or Ranbanka Palace Resort to give a modern yet regal touch to your wedding.

The best thing about a destination wedding in Rajasthan is that you don’t even have to worry about your wedding dresses. The state of Rajasthan is, without a doubt, the Mecca for fashion and clothing. Therefore, you can get authentic Rajasthani lehengas and kurta-pajamas to exchange vows.

The food of Rajasthan is also one of a kind. Hence, be prepared for a week of feasting.

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