Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding in Indonesia

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Best Places to Have a Destination Wedding in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most visited countries by Indians. Along with being home to an extensive range of beautiful islands, the country also has many breathtaking venues for a destination wedding abroad. If you are planning to get married outside of India, you can go for a destination wedding in Indonesia without a question. There are numerous islands and beaches where you can tie knots with your soulmate. You can have a small, intimate wedding with just a handful of guests or you can choose a big wedding ceremony with hundreds of guests. The choice is yours! We can make it possible for you if you plan your destination wedding with Nixtour.

How To Reach indonesia?

The best way to reach Indonesia is by air travel. The Denpasar Airport in Bali and the Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta International Airport are the major airports in Indonesia that operate a number of international and domestic airlines.

Let’s read about some of the places in Indonesia where you can have a wonderful destination wedding.

  • Bali

    How about a destination wedding in Bali? The tropical city is an amazing romantic destination. Many newly-weds from all over the world go to this island on their honeymoons. You can have your wedding ceremonies amidst the serenity of the beaches on in a luxurious, regal resort. Bali is also famous for its exciting nightlife. Consider your night scenes set!

  • Jakarta

    Your next equally great option would be a destination wedding in Jakarta. The busy and elite city witnesses superb clubbing scenes. You can get hitched in the dynamics of city life and have a wonderful experience. Jakarta has some of the best hotels in the world to hold your wedding.

  • Sumatra

    If nature gives you the kicks, we can plan a destination wedding in Sumatra for you. You would definitely have the time of your life in the wilderness of the beautiful island city. In addition to that, if you are a bit of an experimenter, you can get married in the traditional Sumatran style.

  • Java Islands

    The best thing about a destination wedding in Java would be a traditional Javanese dress. There are some beautiful churches in Java that are many years old. You can have your own fairytale, dreamland wedding in Java with your friends and family surrounding you.

There are hundreds of other big and small islands in Indonesia. You can select your desired destination within your budget and get married in this island country.

If you are on a tight budget, you can pick one of the lesser-known islands for your destination wedding abroad. Nixtour will ensure that you have the most memorable time here, in Indonesia at your wedding. Weddings are a celebration for life and we will make it one!

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