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Plan Your Insane Delhi Destination Wedding Today

We all stan fairytale weddings. If you ask a person to mention one of the most important days of their lives, most of them will tell you that it’s their wedding day.

As they say, India has four main seasons- summer season, rainy season, winter season, and wedding season. Hundreds of weddings take place in our country in this season. But if you want to make your wedding out of the box and memorable, you have to plan something unique.

So, how about a destination wedding in India? Or, a destination wedding abroad? Both the options are simply amazing and just right for the celebration of togetherness.

If you are not able to decide between the two, let’s make it simple for you. Go for a destination wedding in Delhi! Sounds just right, isn’t it? A Delhi wedding can never go wrong. What’s more? You can have a destination wedding in Delhi even if you live there.

We will tell you how! Delhi Travel Options If you belong to any other part of India except Delhi, a Delhi destination wedding is great for you. The reason being that Delhi is connected to every city in the country. There are direct flights from every airport to Delhi.

Most of the cities have direct busses and train to the capital. You can even go by road and enjoy a great road trip just before your wedding.

Delhi Wedding Venues

Another super exciting thing about Delhi is that you can plan your destination wedding in a limited budget comfortably here. There are many royal palaces, five-star hotels, resorts, lawns, and banquets to host your grand wedding.

You can plan your destination wedding with Nixtour and we will guide you through your wedding preparations depending upon your preference, theme, and concept.

Delhi Wedding Season

A destination wedding in India requires some serious weather concerns. The best months to have a destination wedding in Delhi are February to April and mid-September to mid-December. However, barring July and August (the hardcore monsoon months) you can plan your wedding on any day of any month. At Nixtour, we will make sure that you have all the arrangements for adverse weather conditions too.

Why Delhi?

To be precise, we have laid down the following points to choose Delhi as your ideal wedding destination:

  • It has great food

  • Delhi has the most number of wedding venues.

  • You can get married in Delhi all year round.

  • The place is great to have an awesomely insane cocktail or bachelor party.

  • Delhi is connected to every part of the county

  • It is an economical option for a superb destination wedding.

Are you READY?

Once you get in touch with us, we will take care of everything from travel to stay, decoration, food, and hospitality.

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