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Destination wedding in Qatar

Qatar is emerging as an enticing wedding destination for people who want to tie the knot and intend to have a destination wedding abroad. This has become possible due to the trouble-free locations in Doha with beautiful ballrooms and manicured views that constantly provide customers with an appetite for modern luxury, great entertainment, and mouth-watering delights.

How To Reach Qatar?

The shortest distance between India and Qatar for air travel (bird fly) is 2,891 km = 1,796 miles. If you’re flying from India to Qatar with an airplane (with an average speed of 560 miles), it takes 3.21 hours to arrive.

Best wedding venues to have a destination wedding in Qatar

Let’s check out some of these dream wedding destinations of Qatar, where one could plan there wedding if that’s the occasion you are looking forward to.

  • W Doha

    W Doha Hotel & Residences promises a beautiful setting for a marriage or engagement ceremony, as well as sensationally crafted rooms for your new start

  • Retaj Royale Hotel

    Retaj Royale Doha has function spaces that can be used in Qatar for workshops, launches of goods, other activities and conferences. At competitive rates, they offer the best activity setting. Al Jawhara Ball Room is the perfect venue for celebrations and marriages of marriage. The Doha event planner from Retaj Royale will prepare each thing down to the smallest detail so that visitors can enjoy the experience and recall it afterward forever.

  • Grand Hyatt

    Plan an immaculate Doha spa wedding with carefully crafted Grand Hyatt wedding kits. Couples can choose from a variety of wedding packages to match both budgets and needs.

  • Four Seasons

    A lavish waterfront location for your wedding celebrations in Doha–Qatar, Four Seasons blends the resort-like experience of an unrivaled spa, private beach, and marina with the always welcoming, attentive service to make every detail right. It boasts exquisite honeymoon suites, a Grand Ballroom with a terrace overlooking the sea and excellent food from the Four Seasons.

  • The Torch Hotel

    The torch hotel will oversee the wedding in Doha with a team of professional workers. Your guests will take advantage of one of our tastefully decorated luxurious Deluxe quarters, while the bride and groom enjoy a night's rest in our wedding suite with a living room, king-size bed, iPad in-room device, and mood lighting system. The next morning, breakfast is delivered to the house.

If you plan your destination wedding with Nixtour, then you can be stressfree about venue, tickets and other wedding arrangements as we try to plan the destination wedding of your expectations at affordable rates.

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At Nixtour, under your plan, you will pick your dream destination wedding. You can also have an affordable destination wedding abroad. When you send us information such as time, budget, number of guests, etc., we will give you wedding quotes that will include transport, location, lodging, event management, lighting, food, etc. we will then plan your wedding from A to Z be it in Agra or any other place.

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Once you get in touch with us, we will take care of everything from travel to stay, decoration, food, and hospitality.

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