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All You Need to Know About Your Romantic Paris Destination Wedding

Whenever we talk about the most romantic cities in the world, Paris definitely tops our list and why not it is indeed extremely fascinating and romanticizing, just its name is enough to make you think about your dream destination wedding in that amorous city. Planning a destination wedding in Paris is not an easy task with the endless possibilities that it offers. If you plan your destination Nixtour, you don’t have to worry about the stress.

Why Paris?

So why would you choose Paris? Paris is often described as overrated and ‘too popular’ when it comes to wedding photos or wedding events. But is it? Paris has got a history and it is undoubtedly a beautiful city with a lot of attractions. Therefore it is evident that when you plan your destination wedding abroad, then Paris is your top pick.

How to reach Paris?

Paris is connected with Nonstop and connecting flights to Mumbai. Air France is the country’s national airline and Jet Airways, India’s full-service carrier, flies directly from Mumbai to Paris. There are more than 200 connections to one or two intermediate stops in addition to these two direct flights. These connections usually take 10 to 11 hours to cover 7018 km of distance. In any city such as Paris, Mumbai, Doha, Dubai, London, etc., there is a layover. plan your destination wedding with Nixtour, and get a great deal on travel fare.

Some of the best places to get married in Paris

  • Shangri La hotel

    located on Avenue d’Iéna in the Trocadéro district has 65 rooms and 36 suites, blending Oriental design influences and classic French decor. Three superb signature suites are perfect for intimate receptions: the 150 m² Suite Chaillot including a 40 m² terrace with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

  • Four season George V

    The Four Seasons George V Hotel, situated close to the Champs-Élysées, is one of Paris’s finest palaces. This prestigious establishment in the art deco style offers no less than 244 rooms and suites. With 7 lounges available for private hire, it is the ideal place to hold a bespoke wedding reception. The 465 m² Salon Vendôme, decorated with frescoes and gilding, adds luxury and refinement to your banquet for up to 360 guests.

  • The Westin Paris – Vendôme

    Located between Place Vendôme and the Jardin des Tuileries, The Westin Paris-Vendômeis the perfect place to celebrate an unforgettable wedding. When it comes to venues, you're going to be spoiled for options. The hotel's 13 reception rooms are decorated with large frescoes ranging from 126 m2 to 414 m2 in the Second Empire style, with capacity up to 600.

Best time to plan a destination in Paris

Paris is beautiful and’ wedding-appropriate’ all year round, unlike the rest of Europe’s most popular wedding destinations. Summer could make a dream of a rooftop wedding, while something exceptional is a winter wedding! The love city offers endless possibilities! Summer is just idyllic–you couldn’t imagine a better and more romantic wedding scenario than a river Seine picnic! Winter is magical–from the Cathedral of Sacre Creu, moody Paris looks magnificent.

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