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Go on an Exotic Singapore Trip with Our Tour Packages

With our series of exclusive Singapore Tour Packages, we, at Nixtour are ready to take a step further for your wonderful experience at Singapore as a destination.  A successful journey is one that is full of thrill and comfort. We make sure to add all the activities from your list of the things to do in Singapore.

Every traveler has a unique traveling style and we take into consideration this uniqueness before making your tour packages Singapore. In addition to curating personalized tour plans for Singapore, we also give you the provision to add things and places of your own choice.

Best Time to Travel to Singapore

The best time to go to Singapore is between the months of February to April. However, Singapore is a year-round holiday destination. But the best time falls from Feb to April as it is a dry season with limited to no rainfall.

Top Places to Visit in Singapore

There are many Singapore tour places that can leave you speechless and in awe. Some popular and fascinating tourist destinations in Singapore are:

  • Marina Bay Sands

    This is a high-end luxury hotel with its very own mall and canal. Many famous personalities from all over the world come to stay here. The double helix bridge is the highlight of the hotel.

  • Botanic Garden

    Another beautiful place in Singapore is the Botanic Garden. UNESCO declared it as one of the most beautiful world heritage sites. Singapore is greatly advanced. However, here, one might feel trapped in a concrete jungle at times. But when you go to this gorgeous park, you will get the much-needed break from the monuments and breathe fresh air.

  • Singapore Flyer

    If you want to drink your tea or coffee while admiring the entire city and its vast countryside, visit the Singapore Flyer. It is the world’s largest and in my personal view the most beautiful giant wheel observation. The 30 minutes flight will let you witness some breathtaking views of Singapore.

  • Orchard Road

    Who doesn’t like to shop? Moreover, who doesn’t want to shop in Singapore? Orchard Road is the best place to go on a shopping spree. From local items to all the high-end brands, you will get everything here.

  • Chinatown

    Don’t get mistaken! You are still in Singapore. This small artificial town is the exact replica of any Chinese town. From typical Chinese cuisine to home decorations and clothing, everything is present here. If you have been to China before, you won’t find any difference here.

  • Sentosa Island

    Although Singapore is not a typical beach location, Sentosa Island is an ideal place to soak in some sunshine and feel the air and water. Go skimboarding or kayaking at the Siloso Beach. And, don’t miss the Merlion, the world-famous half fish, and half-lion statue.

  • Universal Studios

    Do you really need an introduction to this? This dreamy park is a paradise for movie lovers, comic lovers, and every individual who loves fiction. From Loki to Harry Potter, you will meet everyone here. Get ready for the best and the most exciting time of your life.

Connectivity to Singapore

The most convenient and best way to go to Singapore from India is by air. The journey is of 7 hours. However, the time duration of the flight majorly depends on the airline and its connectivity. Road and rail transportation to Singapore is not available from India.

You can also take a cruise from the Mumbai port to Singapore. If you are a water baby, you will definitely enjoy 11-12 long days in the seas and ocean. However, if you have not had any experience of a water journey yet, we advise you not to undertake this long journey.

Take our exciting Singapore tour package and explore the culture and lifestyle of Singapore. The best part about our tour packages to Singapore is that they do not dig huge holes in the pocket. Relish the awestruck views of skyscrapers and go on thrilling safaris with your loved ones.

An ideal trip is one that is remembered for a lifetime with fondness and happiness. At Nixtour, we promise you a budget trip to Singapore which will be filled with fun, adventure, luxury, and liveliness.

Singapore as a Destination

Singapore tour place is a beautiful tourist destination for wanderers and admirers. The Singapore tourist places include futuristic architecture and cloud kissing skylines. Moreover, the internationally acclaimed Universal Studios and Madame Tussauds are the heart and soul of the country. Additionally, there are many fun activities to do at various beaches and resorts of Singapore such as flying trapeze, cruising, kayaking, etc.

The island city of Singapore is also known for its happening nightlife with endless clubs and bars. Our Singapore tour packages offer a luxurious stay and a happening itinerary.

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