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Malaysia, a country with a geographical area of 329,847 square kilometers (127,350 sq ml) is actually the 66th largest country in the world and is situated in the Southern-east part of Asia. Being multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, Malaysia happens to attract a million people to itself which makes it pretty natural a place to strike in a person’s mind contemplating their next holiday destination. Despite that, Malaysia is also a multilingual society- English being an active language for conversation!

   In case you’ve been pondering on and spending hours figuring out various Malaysian Tour Packages, our agency, Nixtour here provides you with really attractive destinations that satisfy the wanderlust yearning within you. It is our duty to provide you an insight of several Malaysia Tour Places that shall definitely be witnessed- no matter what!

Best Time To Travel To Malaysia

The Best Time to Travel would literally depend on your mood. A place like Malaysia which is warm in general and comprises no four seasons can be enjoyed exclusively for its beaches if you’re a beach person or simply carry on breathing in the historical air around. However, the best months to visit Malaysia are from December to February.

Connectivity To Malaysia

India has several direct and connecting flights to Malaysia. The ticket fare may vary from INR 10,000 to INR 25,000  depending upon your date and season. At Nixtour, we promise you the cheapest possible price for your flight. Furthermore, we also help you get your visa without any hassle. 

Malaysia As A Destination

Nixtour, with their Tour Packages Malaysia, provides you with packages with a fairly reasonable price tag. Above we have mentioned all that you needed to foresee before experiencing it on your own. These were the Top Places to Visit in Malaysia. We really, really hope that we’ve convinced you enough with our exceptional package that promises you to deliver nothing short of the best.

     Malaysia is a country that gives great importance to fine arts, delicious cuisine, excellent holidays and festivals to witness and sports as well.  Thus, Malaysia as a Destination is quite fulfilling and Nixtour makes sure that you experience nothing short of brilliance!

Top Places To Visit In Malaysia

Beginning with places one ought to witness in Malaysia include the following Top Places to Visit in Malaysia



    It may interest you to know that despite being the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, or simply KL, is also the largest city in Malaysia. The population out there is 1.73 million- according to the “Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur” department of statistics, Malaysia. (From 2016) KL is the heart of Malaysia in terms of being culturally, financially and economically extremely powerful. Once you’re there, the skyscrapers will be the first thing to catch your attention! Apart from that, our Nixtour guide, representing Malaysia Tourism will also introduce you to the British colonial influences rendered at different places. Apart from that, he’d take you around the nightlife and help you witness the famous restaurants, shopping malls and dining spaces around. You’d be anything but let down!



    Being crucial amidst Malaysian Tourist Places, George Town is the third most populated place in Malaysia and due to its historical authenticity, it is recognized as beautiful and important a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. George Town is also the place where the British decided to settle initially back in 1796. George Town incorporates the best of cuisine from China, India, Thailand, and several European Continents. Because of this popularity, George Town is literally known as the Food Capital of Malaysia. Nixtour shall make sure you miss nothing!



    Langkawi or The Jewel of Kedah contains a chain of small islands (known as archipelago) comprises of 99 islands within it. The islands belong to Kedah, adjacent to the Thai border. UNESCO has provided Langkawi with a status of World Geopark. The three parks present there is a famous tourist destination. There are islands and beaches, cable cars and sky bridges and the Kilim River that deserve your equal attention and admiration.



    Malacca is another city in Malaysia located in the Southern region of the Malay Peninsula. Interestingly, Malacca is really famous for its tourism. They have a slogan- “Visiting Malacca Means Visiting Malacca” which is enough to justify how fulfilling Malacca in itself is! Generally, there is a good number of people from China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Grilled fish is relished amidst the lot.



    The capital of the city of Sabah, Kota Kenabalu is a coastal area. Kenabalu National Park is a really famous tourist attraction at KK. Nixtour shall take you through the cultural, historical and leisure and conservation areas for you to experience it on your own. There are the Tun Mustapha Tower, Stilt Villages and Sabah State Mosque which hold special landmarks in KK.



    Malaysia lays the most populous city of Sarawak of which Kuching is the capital. Another thing which is equally brilliant about Kuching is the way they’ve preserved their culture and history within their museums. These museums include the Chinese History Museum, Kuching Cat Museum, Sarawak State Museum that is rich in history, culture, and heritage.



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