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Take Our Ladakh Tour Package and Go on Your Dream Trip

Ladakh road trip’. In fact, I personally believe that you would and should ditch the rest of the world for a Ladakh adventure tour. Trust me you will never, ever forget the kicks this place gives.

The mighty Leh-Ladakh sits in the lap of the majestic Himalayas. If you are looking for an exciting, adventurous trip, drop any other plan and go on a Leh-Ladakh tour right away.

All those who crave an adrenaline rush you can satiate your desires by planning a Ladakh road trip. It will be once-in-a-lifetime for you and definitely worthwhile.

Although everyone wants to go to Ladakh for the high, every traveler has different requirements and expectations from their trips. For a honeymoon couple, a Ladakh romantic trip is the preferred option, but if the couple is adventure-seeking, we have an amazing Leh Ladakh tour package.

There are different, customized Ladakh tour packages that we offer to our clients. A trip to Ladakh is the dream of every adventure junkie and we make sure that the reality is better than the dream.

Now that you have made up your mind to go to the beautiful Ladakh tourist place, let’s find more about it.

What is the best time to visit Leh Ladakh in India?

The only drawback of visiting Leh-Ladakh is the Ladakh tourism time. Since it is so high on the mountains, the roads are mostly blocked with heavy snowfall. Therefore, the most ideal and best time to visit Ladakh is from March to May.

The winters are extreme so most of the sightseeing places in Ladakh are shut down or unreachable. So, it is advisable to go to Ladakh in the summer season only.

How can I reach Ladakh?

Leh-Ladakh is a popular tourist destination among both Indians and foreigners. So, we have designed special tour packages for Ladakh for everyone.

  • By Air:

    The nearest airport to Ladakh is in Leh. Although it is a domestic airport, it is connected to all the international airports of India. So, you can take Delhi to Ladakh trip package, Kolkata to Ladakh trip package or any other affordable tour package to Ladakh

  • By Road:

    Most of the travelers who go to Ladakh travel by road. A bike tour to Ladakh is considered one of the best in the whole world. There are regular bus services to the territory as well from Srinagar, Manali, etc.

  • By Rail:

    The nearest railway station is more than 650 km from Ladakh. There are taxis and cabs to bring you to the territory of Ladakh from there. However, it is not advisable as the journey is too long and tiresome.

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