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China is a populous nation in East Asia whose vast landscape encompasses grassland, desert, mountains, lakes, rivers, and a long coastline. It has enormous historic sites such as the forbidden city palace complex and Tiananmen square. The iconic great of China runs east-west across the country’s north. The very world-famous city of HongKong is also found in China. This city is known for its shopping, Victoria peak views, and harborside skyline.

The is also remote Tibet which is home to Mount Everest and Potala, the Dalai lama’s former home. China tourism is very good and upgraded. There are many good resorts and hotels available for tourists all over the world.

Best Time To Visit China

The spring and autumn are the best times to visit China. Any time from March to May and from September to early November are the best moments to plan a trip to China. The cheapest month to visit China in September as the price of flight tickets that are booked this month is very low.

Connectivity To China

China is easily connected all over the world. Tourists all over the world can plan a wonderful tour to China very easily with there affordable budget. Flights all over the world fly to China. There is a need for a visa to visit China. Many Indians also plan their vacation in China. Being a neighboring country to India, there are many direct flights from here to there.

China As A Destination

There are many excellent tour packages offered by Nixtour to visit China. Some of the packages are five days in Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou, and Shanghai with affordable prices and comfortable resorts, five days in Dali, Lijiang, and Kunming with free hit sprint facilities offered by hotels, etc. There are many online sites which offer very good discounts for your packages to visit China. The country has a rich culture and beautiful landscape. Therefore, you must take at least a week’s time when you go on a trip to China.

Some Of The Popular Tourist Spots In China Are


    The great wall of China

    The great wall of China is a collective name of series of fortification systems generally built across the historical northern borders of China. This place is a desirable tourist spot all over the world. If you visit this place in the new year’s even you will see a very wonderful celebration in the China tourist places.


    Forbidden City

    The forbidden city is complex in central being, China. There are palace museum and was the former Imperial Palace from the Mind Dynasty to the end of the Qing dynasty. This place is very beautiful and is called the heart of China.



    Guilin is a southern country of China. It has hilly karst landscapes that are very beautiful and an attractive spot for tourists. There are two beautiful lakes add glitter to the cities beauty. Tourists can travel to this country by boat.



    Shanghai is a modern Chinese city known for its skyscrapers, the Bund Promenade, etc. Shanghai is the biggest city in China and a major financial center. This city is famous for shopping. People all over the world visit this city for shopping. It is a very beautiful city with modern architecture. You can take our amazing Shanghai tour package and have fun at the place.


    Terracotta Army

    An extremely rare collection of 8000 sculptured soldiers is a visual treat. The lost mausoleum which is not less than 2000 years old was discovered recently in 1974. The fascinating warriors and horsemen who sacrificed their lives of the first known king of China, Qin Shi Huang are frozen in time and kept here to be remembered forever.



    The West Lake on the banks of Hangzhou is a must-visit tourist destination. Surrounded by pagoda, temples, mountains, and gardens, the lake is fondly known as the ‘paradise of earth’ by the locals. The untouched beauty looks and feels like a mystery.


    Lhasa, Tibet

    Prepare yourself to be surrounded with breathtaking, picturesque views that will definitely be followed with awes and gasps when you land in Tibet. A major center of Tibetan Buddhism, Lhasa is a holy city that holds Buddhist heritage for more than 1000 years. Our Tibet tour packages come at great prices for the best experience.


    Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

    Remember the baffling, pointy mountains in the movie Avatar? Although the movie was animated those mountains were as real as you and me. The inspiration for those were the rocky structures in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. These peculiar and splendid mountains amaze the tourists and the geologists equally. Apart from all these wonderful places in China, there are many more beautiful places for tourists coming to this country. China is very famous for its Chinese food all over the world like dumplings, spring rolls, and chow mein, etc.

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