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Go on an Amazing Trip to Japan with our Japan Tour Packages

Japan, a country located in East Asia, comprises a geographical area of 377,975 km² (145,937.06 sq mi) and is the largest island country in East Asia itself and the fourth largest island country in the whole wide world. The population of Japan, according to a 2018 census is 126.5 million which includes foreign residents as well. It is also the eleventh most populated country in the world. The Sea of Japan borders the west, while Pacific Ocean borders the east. There’s less than one-eighth of land which is actually suitable for agriculture and approximately, two-thirds of the country’s terrain is mountainous and contains extremely dense forests. 90% of its population lives in urban areas making it the most densely populated urbanized country in the world. Famous as the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, because of Chinese and European influence, carries quite a history to itself. Japan has the beautiful Tokyo city as its capital. And last, but not the least, people in Japan widely and mainly converse in Japanese.

We at Nixtour shall provide you with an insight you’re probably demanding that provides you with a complete overview of the country through our Japan Tour Packages. From transportation to your exploration, Nixtour shall be responsible to provide you comfort and satisfaction through and through.


Nixtour, with its Japan Tourism package,  ensures you that it shall provide you with the cheapest flight to Japan from India. The total distance is 5,968 kilometers and it shall take approximately 6-7 hours for you to arrive.


The ideal time to travel to Japan is June till the very end of August as Nixtour shall recommend. For, that is when Japan would be busy celebrating their festivals with great pomp and enthusiasm and trust me, you DO NOT want to miss that!


Nixtour shall promise you to take you through the very historical essence of Japan because of which it is famous for. Through its code of etiquette, architecture, art, cinema, and philosophy- you'd certainly experience nothing short of brilliance!

Top Places To Visit In Japan

  • KYOTO- Kyoto is a city on an island called Honshu. Interestingly, Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan. Nixtour shall take you through the Buddhist Temples for which Kyoto is extremely popular, including a visit to different shrines, gardens and imperial palaces. Formal dining traditions shall too be witnessed.
  • OSAKA- Another Japan Tour Place that Nixtour shall take you through is Osaka which is a large port city and also the commercial center of the Japanese island, Honshu. Street food, nightlife, and architecture are common sights that attract tourists in no time. Plus, popular as the "Nation's Kitchen," Osaka is pretty famous for its delicacies like Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki.
  • NARA- Nara brings forth the historical significance with its temples and artwork from the 8th century. Nara too used to be the capital of Japan from 710 to 794 AD. Apart from that, there's the Great Buddha at Todai-Ji Temple, Kasuga-Taisha Shrine and semi-wild seers to admire.
  • HAKONE- Amidst Japan Tourist Places, lies Hakone that is known for its hot spring resorts and provides us with a view of the iconic, Mount Fuji. One shall be surrounded by natural beauty and of course, historical sites. Hakone is exceptionally popular for a good number of foreign tourists.
  • SAPPORO- At Sapporo, Nixtour responsibly will take you through skiing and the annual Sapporo Snow Festival that features gigantic ice structures so that you experience this once-in-a-lifetime sort of experience on your own. A bonus lies here if you're a beer person as the Sapporo Beer Museum introduces you with its brewing history and tasting right from its beer gardens!
  • HIROSHIMA- It is no secret that Hiroshima is the very city that was once destroyed because of the atomic bombing in World War II. There lies Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park that commemorates the tragic event. Hiroshima tour packages are very reasonable at Nixtour.
  • TAKAYAMA- At the mountainous region of Gifu Prefecture, Takayama does reside. There are narrow lanes that comprise several historical wooden merchant's houses along with small museums around. Spring and Fall are grandly celebrated bi-annually at the Takayama Festival that features puppet shows and gilded floats.
  • SHINJUKU- Clubs, karaoke chambers, top-notch hotel bars and restaurants in this very skyscraper district is what Shinjuku is all about. One can observe Mount Hakone from here. Interestingly, for the 2020 Olympics, a brand new New National Stadium has been built. Apart from that, there are galleries, theatres, and bookstores that catch the attention of students around. A trip to Shinjuku with our Shinjuku tour package is a definite YES!
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